Welcome to The Depot Smokehouse, Restaurant & Pub

Home of the, “Real Deal” Bar-B-Q. We purchased the Depot as a Restaurant & Pub in June of 2008. Rick’s love for backyard Bar-B-Q led us to purchasing a wood -fired Bar-B-Q smoker in the fall of 2008. This new addition gave the Depot a new life and a breath of sweet, smokey air.

                A new Smokehouse menu was added featuring hand rubbed meats cooked low and slow in our wood -fired smoker. You can smell the aromas of pecan, cherry & apple woods (a special mix which Rick blends himself) surrounding the Depot before you even enter the doors. Sherry is preparing most of the Smokehouse side items and desserts using her own recipes daily. We want your experience at the Depot to feel warm and welcome, just like home, with the great smells of the Smoker and mama’s cooking. Our staff is like family, and they will make you feel like part of our family throughout your dining experience.

                Upon visiting Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains time and time again, we thought the Depot needed a new look. A change in atmosphere complimented
our new menu and began a great dream. We decided to bring a little of Tennessee
and the Smokey Mountains home and create their splendor and beauty here in
Dresden. We just can’t get enough of the Smokies, so instead of an eight hour drive we only have to walk through the doors of the Depot and were there. We hope the Depot puts you in mind of a rustic cabin nestled deep in the mountains. Maybe you should check out our patio where you can watch the old coal trains pass through, or just listen to the song birds. Hopefully, someday soon we will return to “The Smokies,” but the sweet smell of our Smokehouse Bar-B-Q will lead us back home and maybe you, too.

“Keeping it real” Rick and Sherry Spragg               

Our Menu


    Consuming food from "The Depot Restaurant" may cause you to fall off your chair,  randomly scream "WOW" and  for some,.....lose sleep due to the obsessive drooling caused by our delicious grub.

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